The 2020-2021 Draft MS4 Report, as required by NYSDEC for reporting on activities required under and relevant to the Town's MS4 permit, is available for public review through May 28. To learn how the Town is addressing the measures identified below (MCMs), check out our annual report.

Waterford on the Mohawk River

Town of Waterford Stormwater Management Program at a Glance

stormwater (noun): water resulting from a precipitation event

The Town of Waterford has been designated, by state and federal environmental agencies, as what is called an "MS4." This stands for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, and means that the Town is recognized as an entity with potential to contribute to stormwater pollution. This designation was based on our proximity to an urbanized area as well as population density.

Within the boundaries of the Town of Waterford are many wetlands, the Erie and Champlain Canals and the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers. The Village of Waterford also likes within the Town, and operates under a separate stormwater program.

We are one of nearly 7,000 MS4s across the country, all of which are required to comply with 6 categories to prevent and mitigate stormwater pollution. Over the years since receiving our mandated designation, we have been working hard to design and implement a Town-wide program in accordance with the permit that we are required to operate under.

We created this website for improved transparency as well as to provide the information and resources our residents, businesses and developers need to ensure compliance. Several of the measures described below are executed in partnership with the Saratoga County Intermunicipal Stormwater Management Program.


Stormwater Pollution Prevention Measures

Called "Minimum Control Measures" or MCMs

These are the 6 categories we are required to comply with under our State-issued stormwater discharge permit. Visit each measure for more information.

Public Education

Minimum Control Measure 1 of 6

Trees From Above

Public Involvement and Participation

Minimum Control Measure 2 of 6

Trash Pick-Up

Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

Minimum Control Measure 3 of 6

Polluted Water

Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control

Minimum Control Measure 4 of 6

Dirt Construction Site

Post-Construction Stormwater Management

Minimum Control Measure 5 of 6

City Landscape

Good Housekeeping/Pollution Prevention

Minimum Control Measure 6 of 6

Environment Pollution

Resources for Businesses, Developers & Contractors

From dumpsters to dish water and food grease to mop water, restaurants can play a major role in clean water.

Spills, sweeping, and storage can have  a significant impact on stormwater

Clippings, fertilizers, bare soil, and pesticides require proper management to prevent pollution

Low impact development and green infrastructure are encouraged under the State's stormwater permit

From required stormwater training to erosion & sediment control and the site's SWPPP, your role is important!

Day camps, after school programs, and home schooling present opportunities to educate about stormwater


Upcoming Events

  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days
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    Jan 02, 2025, 4:00 PM
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  • Canal Cleanup Days
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    Jul 01, 2025, 5:30 PM
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  • Trash Drop-Off Days
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    Nov 07, 2025, 2:00 PM
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  • Electronic Recycling Days
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    Sep 28, 2020, 5:00 PM
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